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Vinnie Liazza

Photographer / Director


Born in Napoli Vincenzo Liazza embarked on his journey in the realm of fashion photography, initially venturing through the production landscape. His path has since transformed him into a distinguished photographer and art director, carving out a niche in the industry. Transitioning strategically from production to the creative helm of visual communication, Vinnie honed his craft and founded his own creative studio.

His signature style revolves around the art of visual storytelling, employing vividly contrasting colors to weave a cinematic allure into his creations, pushing the boundaries of visual expression. Vinnie's approach to fashion photography seamlessly marries the commercial with the editorial, achieving a captivating equilibrium that resonates with audiences worldwide.

Throughout his career, Vinnie Liazza has collaborated with esteemed brands and publications including Versace, Armani AX, Missoni, Swatch, Vogue Italy, and Numero Berlin, among others. Currently living in between Berlin & Milan



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