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INFINITE by Hunter & Gatti

was chosen as Best Fashion Film

by the 2023 International Jury 


Infinite is a film, photography and art multi-media project created by Hunter & Gatti with Nick Fouquet, a metaphor for what lies below the physical surface as a window to the subject´s interior life, a creative catharsis and another reality of nature experimented through infrared photography. 

The film combines the old 4:3 format, with vintage lenses, and the last IR Spectrum filter OLPF that passes only near infra-red beyond 729 nm, underscoring the old mixed with the new technology. The “visible” spectrum, probably the most well-known of human sensory limitations as the human eye is only capable of perceiving light at wavelengths between 390 and 750 nanometers. 

Of course, calling it the “visible” spectrum is a bit of a misnomer, as plenty of animals are capable of perceiving light with frequencies outside this relatively narrow band of electromagnetic radiation.

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